Model 737 High Accurancy Dry Block Calibration System



  • Portable and compact size for field use.
  • Cooling and heating performed in single metrology block rapid heating from -95C to 140C in 35 minute and fast cooling from +140 to -95C in 79 minutes.
  • The metrology temperature block allow for calibration of RTDs, thermocouples, temperature monitor and other sensors at a controlled temperature.
  • Advanced block design. Provide excellent stability both at low and high temperature range
  • Design for metrology laboratory requirement and instrumentation department.
  • Metrology block with 8 insert holes suited for the calibration up to 24 thermocouples.
  • Polished stainless steel cabinet


Parameter Specification
Temperature range -95°C to 140°C
Stability 0.005°C

Cooling Time

40 Minutes from +25 °C to -80°C  
Insert Holes 6 insert holes/8mm diameter and one  insert hole 6.35mm diameter
Immersion Depth 150mm
Resolution 0.01°C
Size 203mm x 406mm x 355mm(8”x16”x14”) 
 Voltage 115/220 VAC 60HZ ± 10% 
 Well Material High purity metal 
 Cabinet Material Polished 304 Stainless Steel 

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